Demo Policy:

Got fire tracks? Got dope beats? Got unheard, underground EDM? Think you've got what it takes to be on Psychocybin?

Submit your demo to  with the subject "(artist name) Recordings Demo".

If you are a DJ and not a producer please submit your application from the contact page.

Demo Requirements:

1. Please do not send more than 2 tracks in your initial inquiry, send your best two tracks.

2. Please mention all of the following in your email: Artist Name, Release Name, Release Type (Album, EP, Single, etc...).

3. We take submissions for any genre but we primarily put out Dubstep, Bass Music, and Psychedelic Music.

4. Please mention if your tracks have been mastered professionally, by yourself, or not at all.

5. Please list your mission statement as an artist and a small biography.